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Full Version: New Vehicles Implemented
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Here the quick facts:

Station: Hospital (only 1 per building)
Crew: 3 (pilot, parametic, physician)
Cost: 120000 Credits
On calls w/ injured persons the rehlicopter will replace as 1 RTW and 1 NEF;
on other medical calls it does not have any effect as of yet.

Note: rescue helicopters should be considered a "luxurey item" for advanced players rather than a neccesity.
[Image: 378571_272602749454236_141278089253370_7...1419_n.jpg]


TLF 8/18

A small tanker w/ an 800l/min pump and an 1800l water tank.
Because of its small size these vehicles are often used in areas that are hard to access for larger trucks, (i.e. In mountainous or wooded areas).
Crew size: 3
(The ingame-picture is intentionally showing an older version w/ the rounded front, manufactored from the late 60s to the early 80s.)

TLF 24/50

A large tanker w/ a 2400l/min pump and a 5000l water tank as well as a foam tank (typically 500l).
Crew size: 3

HLF 20/16

A large rescue engine w/ a 2000l/min pump and an 1600l water tank as well as extensive equipment for technical rescue (it will however not completely replace a RW or GKW on all types of calls).
This is one of the most common modern vehicles in mid-sized and large cities throughout germany, due to its capabilities to provide an effective initial response to almost any type of call.
Crew size: 9


GKW 1 6x6 (Rescue)

A much larger version of the GKW w/ off-road capabilities.
Crew size: 9
German meaning of the abbreviations used:

GKW= Gerätekraftwagen
TLF = Tanklöschfahrzeug
HLF = Hilfeleistungslöschgruppenfahrzeug
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