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Full Version: number of units needed for a call on hints page
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If we could have a spot on the hints page where it tells you how many units are required for a particular call..i think it would help us all..that also goes for the newbies...we all agree to that?

Half the time i'm sending out full alarms to people...because half the time i don't even know how many units to send out..
C'mon, that makes the game too easy Wink I think we should just stick to what unit suggestions, and not unit amount suggestions.
you get to know as you play for longer its part of the game


something I did when I first started, was I would start by sending 1 engine, and then 2, and then go from there, to test to see how many units where needed at which calls, now that all my guys are trained to intermediate level the calls go quicker and less units are required.
I agree that it is part of the game and should be left the way it is, but is it still on the wiki page (even though most of that is out of date)


I agree with Sam
it would be to easy and + if they do then they would have to do something about how much u get for the call I know the fast you finish the call the more u get so that will no be a good idea
I think as we get more stations and rigs(appliances in the uk) we start to get more difficult calls.unless i have a long spell away i can mostly remember without making it to easy having a crib box what to send to a call.We cant make it to easy as lots of people have worked hard to have many stations.
lol true
The bigger problem here is to determine what the minimum truly is, as it is different to every single player. I have a certain way that I run my calls, but doesnt mean it would beaccepted by another player that wants to get the call done even faster. My opinion is gold is the highest medal you can get, so I send enough units to achieve that, regardless if it takes 2 mins or 2 secs, it still ends up be a gold medal winning call response.

There is truly no way of "telling" everyone the proper unit quantities to send, as opinions will vary from player to player. I would almost be willing to bet that if you asked me what I send to a Fire Glow in Building call, & then asked 4 other players, you would almost certainly get atleast 4 out 5 of opinions differing. It really just comes down to how fast do you want to complete a call. I look to complete a larger quantity of calls in a slightly lengthier amount of time, versus completing a few in a very short amount of time. Its a dispatch game, so as mentioned earlier, test out some diff things & see what kind of dispatch center you want to run.....slow & steady or fast & furious (lol)
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