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Since some emergencies involve weapons found in schools why not have a mission for the police called school lockdown because it usualy happens in some cities alot. if any thinks this is a good idea use a poll
Voted No simply because I dont think we should open the door to calls like these. Being we have alot of young "school aged" players, I dont feel it is something we should have in the game. I agree it is apart of life unfortunately, but being it pertains to children & not adults, my opinion is No.
agree with exe
agree with exe
(09-09-2012 08:02 PM)Wolfman1988 Wrote: [ -> ]because it usualy happens in some cities alot.
Actoally, both recent cases in Germany ( Emsdetten, November 2006 Winnenden, März 2009; (Ansbach, September 2009 did NOT involve firearms)) happened in smaller cities w/ a pupulation of less than 40000 (it appears that in both cases the local authorities had been rather lax in checking if the parents, who had gun licenses for sports, had the weapons and the ammo securely locked up as required by law; this is less likelely to happen in larger cities. And yes there are a lot of illegal aepons around in germany (according to most estimates 2-3 times as many as legal/ registered ones, but it is not very likely that an adolescent would have access to the black market)).
Aside from that, I agree w/ Executuioner that there are some types of calls that we schould keep out of the game, including this one.
I agree with exe
I agree with exec


I 42nd the motion to agree with EXE
It would be very inappropriate, reckless and dangerous to introduce this kind of mission to a game that is very popular to school children. I don't want to say that it would give them ideas, but the reality is something more on the contrary.

Agree with exe, as does everyone else apparently. Good to see responsible people still reside in this world.


Glad to see we make your approval and meet your standards ;-)
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