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Full Version: Realistic City
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Can we have a more realistic city ? one with rivers,lakes maybe more it would add new missions and be more intresting.
I have mentioned this a few times its a good idea. Also I think we should have an airport, especially seeing as we have plane crashes all the time
Agree +1
I agree that new call types would be great. I also believe though that this can be done w/o the additional coding to make the city more realistic. Imagination would have to play a key roll in alot of this stuff. I personally dont pay hardly any attention as to what is/isnt on the map when dispatching units. I just read the call & dispatch my normal preset amount of units to the call w/o ever looking at the city, I believe most players do this after they have been here for a short time.


Agree with you Exe
If e have a rivers we can get a its be nice to update it plus this photo is from Germany
I you add lakes and stuf you could ad a dive team station w/ a search helicopter being a EMS helo or a PD helo...
& then complaints would come in that the personnel arent realistic enough because they dont have scuba tanks & flippers on. Or the fact that they would have them on all the time. Again, I like the idea of the different call types & their relation to the places that have been suggested in the past, I just still feel that it could be done with what is currently there, just by adding a little dose of our own imagination.

I mean really folks, we dont actually look for the cat thats in the tree to believe its there do we? Or a crater in the ground/debris field from a Bomb blast? Actual oil on the road from a "Oil spill on road" call?
No... at least put a boat on the water n stuff when they get on scene... then naints could be made
I understand what ur saying Jaredd, & respect ur opinion just as I do everyone elses. The thing to remember though is that not everyone will be happy with having just a boat, some will want more, others will want more than that, & then there will be others that want even more than first two (lol).

Before any of that stuff could be tackled we would have to get the creator to agree to put in a body of water of some sort, so that boats, ships, barges, etc... would have something to park on. That in by itself would be a major feat, let alone to code new vehicle types, personnel, actual calls, etc.
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