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Full Version: Weather
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We have had the bad weather scenerio on here a few times as its winter just about....has snow ever fallen on a city ? there we are it also brings about the introduction of a city works depot with Snowploughs and Gritting trucks....just a idea
only blue light services will be introduced to the game, as for snow i dont think it has happened but i like the idea. A lot of vehicle accidents
I agree with Sam. I like Dave999's idea, but snowplows would fall into the category of tow trucks (which we already have heard The snow scenario does sound very interesting & could give ample opportunity to another suggestion we had not long ago about roof collapses as well. Along with the vehicle accidents, fallen person, & etc..

May even be a chance at a multi car pile up, & Tractor Trailer roll overs, requiring THW services & oil spill units to help out with.

Great idea Dave999
Now i have fulltime access at home i am happy to try to offer some well as keeping people with the game,
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