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Full Version: The workload
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Hi, and thanks for a great game.
One suggestion.
What about doing the workload more random ?
So sometimes you could have a lot to do, and sometimes it could be more relaxing. It could be different for each players city, so if you get boored you could help out in a city, that has a hard time.
The workload could change every hour, or perhaps every 4. hour or every day, if it would be more easy to implement.
The workload for each city could be decided by a random number between 1 and 10. If you get 1, it would be a very easy day. If 10, you would get much more than you can manage, perhaps also get some missions you can't handle alone.
Is there any support on this one Smile


The "workload" is computer generated. Although I like the idea, what happens if you are trying to build up a lot of credits for that fire station that costs 2.5 million credits, and you are in the slow or relaxed phase, and no one is on that needs mutual aid. Then you are pretty much screwed. If you get tired of running calls in your district, go hang out in someone else's for a while with there permission. You can also open all your calls, go to another map, and wait for them to be cleared and that will slow them down for a few minutes. The call volume is pretty constant, so you can get credits, as well as keep having things to do.
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