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Full Version: Calls and units
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We should be able to decide what units go where after they get done with a call, if we have more, we should be able to go to the next call before the unit is avalible, and tell it to send it there next, istead of having to wait....
Like if we have a apptment fire. We could go to another call, click it, and select the units we want to go there after the call is doen( i say after the call becase I dispatch all units to apptent fires)
you can do this with all vehicles except association vehicles
I agree this would be a good idea @sam re read what was said Smile He said before it finished its previous call Smile
well if you want to return a vehicle you can click on the vehicle and send it back to station, thus making it available for tasking. Having vehicles listed as available when they are actually at an incident will be confusing especially for more experienced players who run 20 or so missions at once
I, as a player, feel this would take away from the whole "dispatch" idea of the game. If we just started being able to log in, click a bunch of calls that we want certain units to go to, then log off, it would take away from the players that have, & plan to in the future, spent alot of hours online to build their cities response teams.

Again, Im not a emergency worker of any type, but am doubtful that emergency vehicles would actually be dispatched in the way suggested in this thread. I am having a hard time seeing how a dispatcher could send "Engine A" to a house fire & then tell them "when ur done with that, go to house fire on such & such street". Now, I could see that once a fire is extinguished & the crew leader (or equivalent) radioed back to dispatch, then they could be dispatched to another fire if other crews needed back-up/assistance.

In short, I like the current system that is in place. Run the calls, then await their completion, then dispatch to the next.
I agree, we should stay the same.

It would be to confusing and take away from the game.
it would be a separit section w/ a heading of something like (avalible after call finishes)
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