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Full Version: Select Response Rights (Priority, etc)
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I strongly think that we should be able to choose how our vehicles respond to the scenes. We should be able to choose if they use Lights and Sirens or Lights or nothing at all.
i don't even know if i need to comment here..anyone else?
Is that a good or bad thing?
rileymawn, this game is intended to be a dispatch game, not a simulator. We have the option already to turn the sound of the sirens off if you prefer, it can be found in the "settings" section. I dont think that is what you are talking about, but figured I would give you that info. I dont know of anyone that tracks their units from a station all the way to a call, so all the specifics are not required in my opinion.

Also, we appreciate all suggestions, but keep in mind that this game conforms to Germany's way of doing things, & the units/calls follow suite. The way the units look & sound are also set to the German based game. This is only the "English Version", & that solely means the language that is used.
also, all your calls are emergency response status. why would you want to turn the lights off?
(11-30-2012 10:43 PM)catcarfan1 Wrote: [ -> ]also, all your calls are emergency response status. why would you want to turn the lights off?

Because the lights scare the cats, the cats run off and climb into a tree, and there is just another call to run! Tongue Lol
Personally I like to have as many calls being handheld at once with me that regularly exceeds 20 or more mission running at the same time. Choosing weather or not to respond with lights and sirens I believe is an unessasary way to slow down the game.
I agree with sam,Having the maximum number of buildings i have not got time for silent running !
All the vehicles go the same speed, emergency response or not. I wouldn't mind seeing units returning, moving, etc go a bit slower (or the units responding to emergencies go a bit faster)
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