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Full Version: Chat Time
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Given that we have a smaller community than the standard German game, and I play at weird hours, I'd like to see a time stamp on general chat messages. It would give me a better way to quickly see if any other players are on, or just a bunch of people that are AFK.
not a bad idea it would be nice to have but then there are a lot of time zones involved also
If this was implemented it would more than likely be set to a German time zone I.e Berlin GMT + 1:00
ok i'm good with that
Why not in GMT as Planes fly by it ( i Think ) never mind its a good idea as i always say good morning or whatever first thing.
It will be set at GMT + 1:00 as this is just an English translation of the German game. So the programming would be set to Berlin's time zone..... Probably
I think that is a good idea I'm do the same thing I get on when I can so it is a good idea to put a time stamp to see if anyone in the chat room so you don't talk to yourself
Or, a (this was posted 5 min. ago) or (posted 1 hr. ago)
I like the idea of a chat time. When I log on, I'll see in chat where someone is asking for mutual aid, but that could have been 2 minutes ago or 2 hours ago. This causes more delay in response times because we have to ask if they still need mutual aid or not.
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