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Full Version: How to Use Mutual Aide For Beginners
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this is firemen71 here again and today I am going to let all you beginners know how mutual aide works and how to use mutual aide. for people who have never heard of mutual aide before, Mutual aid is defined as "arrangements made between companies, organizations or businesses assist each other". As you may have guessed now with mutual aide in the game, you will be helping other players out as they needed it. Mutual aid is a big part of an association because when your in an association and you or someone else needs assistance, they are going to rely on people in the group as there first line of defense just as you would if you needed help. Lets first start off with how to share calls when you need help. Most groups recommend that before you use all the umbrella apparatus on one call, to share the call with everyone before you decide to do that. Some also recommend that people share the call with just the association before they share it with all. Lets now start talking about how to dispatch mutual aide. to dispatch mutual aid, you can always go into a call even, if you have already responded to it and scroll all the way to the bottom of the dispatch message. you will see two buttons labeled "Just Association" and "All". if you click "Just Association", it will only be shared with people in your group. If you click "All", it will be shared with people in the association as well as it will be put up on the call board. The "Call Board' can be accessed by clicking on the small arrow pointing up next to "Mission" button at the bottom of the screen. You will also be able to respond to mutual aide calls by other where no apparatus has arrived on scene yet. That's just a little information on about how to use mural aide. If you have any questions, you can contact me on here or through private message on (username: firemen71)


Fire911 Wiki Mutual Aide also listed here, a lot of information is listed on the wiki
I see the in the link(quote below), that a association can have a garage and up to 10 vehicles.

"The Third bonus is your associations vehicle garage, which you can have up to 10 vehicles. This is also expanded by Credits and Coins. The Vehicles are donated by the players in the association."

How do I set this up? It does not show this in my (control) area of the association.

Any help would be appreciated.

50theman, your association is already a part of a umbrella, which may be why you dont see the screen for setting one up.

To answer the question a little more in detail though for those that may need the info as well though, here it is:

Every Association can set up their own umbrella if they choose to do so. This has to be done by the admin of the association. Upon setting up a umbrella, the association is awarded a "garage" that will house 10 extra units for all members to use. For every new Association that joins the umbrella you are awarded another 10 bays to the "garage". Coins & Credits have to be donated to the Umbrella by each association that is a member in order to perform the needed upgrades. The coins/credits are first donated to each players own association, & then the admin or co-admins can transfer those coins/credits to the umbrella if they desire.

Once the garage bays are expanded & the required amount of associations belong to the umbrella at each level, vehicles have to be donated to the umbrella by its members. Once a player donates a unit to the umbrella, a space will be available in his.her own cities garage in which the unit was donated from. They are able to purchase the same type of replacement or a different type of unit if they choose.

All unit types can be donated to a umbrella, its just a matter of what the members of the umbrella feel they are in the most need of at what levels.
Thanks Ex,

Sorry, I was confused. The way I interpreted the statement was, a association could have an umbrella and a association garage. But now I see its one or the other.

Thanks Again,
An association is a group of players, an umbrella is a group of associations, an umbrella can have its own fleet of vehicles.

By using coins an umbrella can expand its garage to ten bays, with each association in the umbrella your umbrella is entitled to an additional ten bays once unlocked


1 association - 10 bays maximum
2 associations - 20 bays maximum
3 associations - 30 bays maximum

And so on.
Sam is right.
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