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Full Version: How do I expand my association to this size?
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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find out how to expand my association, beyond our limit of 50 members. It shows under the control tab we are fully expanded. But I was looking at other associations and Dillsboro Volunteer Fire/Rescue shows they have 205 members. How do I expand my association to this size?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

Thanks Again,
right now i belief that 50 is the limit as i cannot expand mine either i think if it show that many it is probably a error
Thanks Wolfman, I wasn't sure if that was an error or not, but it sounds like it.
50 members is the max limit for all associations. I do remember though when the perks system came about & any association that had over the 50 member limit could not get the perks until they reduced down to the mandated 50 or less. I dont believe that would still be in effect at this stage in the game, so its more than likely a error.

I am going to PM the admin of that association just to clarify & get their actual number out of my own curiosity & report back.
They cant accept any more members but if you had over 50 when the new perks were introduced you could keep them but not get the perks untill you had under 50 that is obviously what has happened there is no admin and i believe the co-admins are inactive making it hard for the association to get under 50 and receive perks
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