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Full Version: New friend 5700 issues
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this is what my friend on told me;
I had my first station right next to my new one it was still building a while ago, and now they are both gone and I got no money back and I only have my rig from my first station
Why didn't you just tell him to post it here? Have him refresh it, clear his cache, and see if it fixes it.
he uses IE and only that. and I don't know how to do a cachey clear and I know he doesn't because I taught him everything he knows about IE (not much)
He should use Firefox or Google Chrome. Definitely try that, they work better with the game and the internet as a whole.
I just remote desktop-ed his Computer (with permission) and tried both things and tried chrome witch his computer has problems with, it makes it go crazy, but only if you do one thing witch I didn't do, and he CAN NOT get FF so something is up because it is messed up on my computer too, but on his account because I haven't tried on mine because of an error I posted on earlier this week... sorry for the length
Look, My stations are gone, I paid for a 2nd station and now I have none... I want my money back and my stations
what browser you using?
does it give you any errors when you try and click on your stations?
Why are you telling us this instead of him.....
uh..who are you referring to?
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