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Full Version: Batt Chief cars
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Any chance of seeing batt chief "Cars" implemented in this game? like the ones they have in the US?.. we only have batt chief "Vans" in this game if i'm not wrong?..but would love to see batt chief cars though..
All depends on what they have in Germany as its a German game translated into English
pretty sure they would have batt chief cars..
They may have chief cars..
Also not everywhere has Batt chief cars around here we don't even have Batt chiefs.
Not all places have "cars" but it would be a change of scenery for most of us. My father, the chief of our department here, drives a 2000 Ford Excursion so Rescue51 is correct in saying not every place has them. Regardless it doesn't effect me either way. It would be nice to see but if it's not what Germany has for standards then that's also acceptable.
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