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Full Version: Advertising bots issue
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As I'm sure you are aware our forum has been attacked by advertising bots / spam on a daily basis for quite some time. The moderation team and I worked to keep the accounts responsible banned and their posts deleted as quickly as possible. At one point we were getting 70 posts per day from 30 new accounts.

Luckily we now have anti advertising bot / spam protection on the forum so this should be an end to the problem.

Just want to say a thank you to the moderation team for all their hard efforts and a big thank you to the players for sticking with us while the situation was at its worst.
i feel sorry for you moderators..y'all have to really go out of your way sometimes to get these called..anyway..lets hope the spam bots actually stop appearing..
Looks like it has slowed it down but they are still getting through
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