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Full Version: moving personnel to a different station to qualified vehicles
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i think we should be able to move personnel over to different stations if we make a mistake while training them,lets say one station has a full unit of heavy rescues and you train them by mistake on a different should be able to move them over to another station which has free spots for the firefighters who have been trained on the trucks in that station
Why Not just Fire them to make Room that be my idea did it many time since i have play the game but now i am long gone might come back
If you fire them, you lose their training. That defeats the whole purpose.

And if you are "long gone", why are you posting in the forum?
his forums account hasn't been deleted yet..i think i already spoke to sam1454 about it..or was it 73?..idk..i spoke to one of them about it
Whos account lak?
This thread has gone off topic either PM or start a new thread
Sorry sam
No need to apologize mate
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