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Full Version: Hazmat unit
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I have an idea for a unit which can be used in chlorine gas accidents since chlorine is a hazardous material I think the game should have a hazmat unit in it does anyone think this might be a good idea?
is this vehicle being used in Germany?
(09-10-2013 02:21 AM)Lak101 Wrote: [ -> ]is this vehicle being used in Germany?

yes it is
We already have one (oil spill) but it should be usable on chlorine as well i think
i only use my heavy rescues for chlorine gas..well actually for all my calls..i don't use the LF 10-6 or other trucks like that
I say just rename the oilspill unit and problem solved
Right on Rescue51 agree with you well anyway i dont play the game nay more but i need to started back
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