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Full Version: Mods not Moderators
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Anyone Have opinion's on creating mods for this game
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(08-31-2014 08:32 PM)Lak101 Wrote: [ -> ]what?

Like adding webpage scripts to clean the UI
ah...should have said that the first time..sorry can't help ya
If Sebastian hadn't just left this game hanging, I would really like that idea. Allow the players to create script for calls, vehicles, and drastically update the map. It would get a +1 from me.
then if that happens it(the game) would no longer be I don't know where you're coming from admin1
Admin1, allowing users to install their own scripts/modifications works on many downloaded games, and even a very select few online games. However, Fire911 was not setup for that, and allowing users to upload their own scripts can even be a major security risk on any website. It's probably not going to happen on Fire911.
one of the (my assoc.) members made UI script could share it approval from him and moderators
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