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Units showing as "Unassigned" - Executioner - 10-27-2014 12:39 AM

Having a few different issues, all pertaining in this general area though.

I have 6 of my umbrella choppers "supposedly" sitting on the landing pad of one of my hospitals. In the unassigned area, they are listed, but showing in red text (as if they were headed back to station). When I check the Umbrella vehicle hall, they are all showing at my city. When I go back to my city, they are showing there & I am able to click on the unit. I have tried to send the unit "back to station" manually, but it literally lifts off & then just lands again. It doesnt matter which of the 6 units in the unassigned screen I click on either, it always takes me to the same helo at the same hospital. Im assuming that the units were stacked, but are now somehow trapped.

Another situation Im having is I show other units of my own in the "Not Assigned" section, but when I click on them to locate the units, The units are not there. Some just take me to the dark area of the map surrounding our cities, as they did in the past when units were stuck between cities, but the units arent there at all. Some show in that they are in my city & are not there either. I even have units showing in red text in the "not assigned" section, & when you click those units, the game takes me to a station, that the unit never belonged to begin with, & isnt anywhere on the map.

None of these units are on the call screen ready to be used, so they are not showing they are at the station, even though a few are.

RE: Units showing as "Unassigned" - sam1454 - 10-27-2014 04:12 AM

Noted and reported to creator

RE: Units showing as "Unassigned" - Executioner - 11-01-2014 01:05 PM

Much appreciated, & just to update the situation. The only problem that persists is the issue with the umbrella units.

Not sure how this fixed anything, but all units returned after I did this. I just picked a call (of any type) & sent every unit I had to it using the full assign box for each unit types. Once call completed, all units returned & are now back in service. I no longer get taken to the dark area or anything, so if anyone else is having a similar issue, may be worth a try.

I didnt try this with umbrella units, as Im concerned as to how many units would be stuck.