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Proposed New Umbrella - Executioner - 11-16-2014 11:27 PM

Im gonna put this out there, just to see if any associations have any interest.

In light of the fact that current umbrellas are unable to "kick" inactive associations from the current umbrellas, Im tossing around the idea of creating a new umbrella with 9 other active associations.

We can discuss the name & details at a later date, as this is merely a idea at this stage. I for one have quite a few coins & credits saved, as I dont have anything to spend them on (Im at max stations allowed & current umbrella is also at max).

Be nice to be able to have another means of chat (umbrella chat) with other active players. Would also give members something to work towards once again. Most of us learned alot from the first go round on umbrellas when they were first introduced, & mistakes were made that we didnt realize wouldnt be able to be changed. I know we have all spent alot of credits, coins, & time on our current umbrellas, but wouldnt a change of pace be nice at this point. It would give us a opportunity to create something new on the game for ourselves, instead of waiting for the creators to do so, which none of us have seen in over a year now.

Responses would be appreciated from administrators of all associations regardless of size, and also from members of those associations. Please remember to not discuss this in gen chat, as it is against the rules (unless you mods want to give us a free pass on something that really doesnt exist

RE: Proposed New Umbrella - sam1454 - 11-17-2014 07:52 AM

Sounds like a good idea but unfortunately my association will not be taking part. In my eyes our umbrella fleet has just been perfected, it has taken a lot of work and planning and I would not want to annoy my members but scrapping it and starting over.

Good luck though

RE: Proposed New Umbrella - shaun101 - 11-17-2014 04:33 PM

I would consult the rest of my association but we may be interested, its a new challenge

RE: Proposed New Umbrella - Executioner - 11-17-2014 11:30 PM

Shaun101, ur assoc & mine are currently apart of the same umbrella, so you have a thorough understanding of what Im talking about with the current problems with the umbrella set-up. We have multiple units that are missing (showing radio free but are nowhere to be found), or that are stuck (like the 6 helos that are still in my city). Like Sam1454 mentioned with his current umbrella, ours was running almost perfectly, with the exception of a few inactive associations that we have been unable to kick since the beginning, but with recent troubles with units & the ongoing problem of not being able to boot inactive assoc's, this idea came to light as the best way to fix both issues & make the game interesting again.

Thanks Sam1454 for your input & best wishes. I can understand your feelings on starting over, & I figured going into this that most Associations are going to feel that way. Some may even be scared to lose the extra units that they are so much need of for their members. However, I truly believe that at this stage of the game & a few powerhouse associations & players, it will not take nearly as long to get a umbrella to max potential in a short amount of time.

As this is idea is in the very early stages (though I have had a few very promising responses already), it would be wise for everyone involved if decided to proceed to communicate ahead of time as to what units their associations would need most. That would insure that all members still had the units they need & would be readily available for all.