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Beginners Guide
06-24-2011, 09:03 AM
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Beginners Guide
With help from twp1980, I've created a basic starters guide to playing the game.


This is intended to be a general guide on how to play the game without getting in over your head. As much as the US Public Safety world differs from town to town, so may your style of what to purchase, use, place and do while playing.

This will explain some of the requirements needed as you expand your agency/city. It also points to some pitfalls by explaining what equipment you’ll need “Before” you build the next building.


When starting out, it’s real easy to get ahead of yourself and next thing you know, you have incidents you can’t handle with all the equipment you have. Here’s a few pointers.

1. Expand Stations - Before purchasing another station, expand the one(s) you have to Level-3.
2. Prepare for the next Station - Understand that you may need certain units or other Types of stations before you build your next fire station. By having them ahead of time, it will make it easier.
3. Send everything you have to each call - Initially, you have few resources available without mutual aid (explained later). the more equipment you have on scene, the faster the call ends. By sending everything you have initially, you’ll handle more calls faster and build up credits faster for the next purchase.
4. Don’t handle a call until ready - When you send a unit to the scene, it starts the clock for the incident, regardless if the incident’s clock starts or still says “Assistance required”. The more time spent on scene, the less credits for the call you’ll receive.
5. Don’t get excited about call volume - An intent of this game is to always have something for you to respond to. While you shouldn’t ignore calls, don’t get hung up on getting call after call to handle. They’ll be there when you’re ready and as said in #4, if you try to jump on every call just to have someone there, you may lose out. You will almost always have more calls than units to handle them.


Joining an association does one big thing; it shows you what incidents are Open by other members of the association. You can send units to those calls and in many cases, collect more credits than what calls your city has coming in.

It also provides you with a community of players than can help you with the game. As we know in the fire service, the “senior” guys have a lot to offer the “Probies”. That’s no different here. Unlike a lot of on line games and their Alliances, this game is more about helping each other. Join One! You’ll be happy you did.

Mutual Aid is a unique aspect of on line gaming, but common sense to most in the fire service. It is a significant part of this game. sending and receiving mutual aid are handled by two different methods.

To send mutual aid, look down the list of active incidents. When you see one you’d like to assist with, click on that incident. You’ll be taken to that city and location of the incident. Click on it just like you would your own. you’ll get a list of “your” available equipment. Determine (click) on what you want to send and dispatch it; just like you do at home. Your trucks will head to that city’s incident to assist. NOTE: Its a common courtesy to let that city know you’re coming either on the games Chat or the Associations Chat. If you want to help a city not in the Association, put them in your friend list and their "Open" calls will also show up in the Incident list. You can always unfriend them after as their is a limit to the number of friends. Don’t worry, they don’t know when you add/remove them.

To receive mutual aid; typically called “Opening the Incident”, click on the incident where you’d see your apparatus to dispatch. scroll down where you’ll see the option to open the incident to “ALL” or “ASSOCIATION ONLY”. They mean just that. You’re incident will be added to the other players list to send equipment just like you sent to them.


The instructions page in the forum explains what each type of unit is available in the game. The biggest thing to remember is this game is designed around the German Fire Service. Staffing, equipment capabilities and even type of agencies revolve around that idea.

All Engines, regardless of size carry 9 Firefighters. Staffing is key in the game. Just because your area may run 6 on a Ladder and 3 on an engine, the game does not.

While the LF-10-6 is the standard pumper/engine, the LF-16-TS carries a bigger pump; but no water/tank. The LF-8-6 carries less water & pumping capability, but still rolls with nine.

A DLK is the equivalent to a US Tower Ladder, Aerial Platform, etc. Its a Ladder with a bucket/basket. It carries 3 Firefighters.


The basic build involves 1-2 fire stations. when placing your stations, keep in mind it may be awhile before you reach your third and a very long time before your fourth fire station. Each station can be expanded to Level-3 and can carry three pieces of apparatus.

Each station comes with one unit. For the Fire Station, it comes with one LF-10-6 Engine. This is considered the “standard” Engine. After that, the station can be expanded two more times to add two more pieces of apparatus (a total of three per station).

As you expand, look at the Instructions section of the Game Forum/Info box. This will help you understand what is or may be required (or helpful) for the number of stations you have; or are about to have.

When expanding the first station to Level-2, it is becoming general practice to add a LF-16-TS pumper as your second unit. This allows better pumping capability without losing the tank water your first engine has; and still carries 9 firefighters. As you expand to Level-3, a good idea is to add a DLK/Ladder. When you build your second station, you will begin having incidents that require a Ladder. Something to keep in mind is while a station is expanding, the units assigned there are not available. They will finish a call they are on; but then will be unavailable until construction is complete. It is also important to occasionally go into the staff section of the station and click the “Start Application Phase” button at the bottom of the staffing. That rotates crews. If you do not, eventually, your units will not respond to calls.

Once your first station has been expanded, you can begin with your second station. When you purchase the station, like the first, it comes with a LF-10-6 Engine ready to roll. You will begin having more and different types of calls. Again, check the Instructions wiki for what you are going to experience for calls. And again, there will typically be more calls then units to handle them. If you haven’t already, you will NEED to have a DLK/Ladder purchased before you build it out totally. Whether you put it in your new station or move apparatus to put it in the old one is up to you. A good ratio to remember for Ladder trucks is 1-DLK/Ladder for every 5-Engines you have.


Its easy to run from call-to-call trying to keep up and send mutual aid all over. But after a while, your personnel get tired and eventually will stop responding. Occasionally, you need to refresh your staffing. This is done by going to each station you have, clicking on the staff; and at the bottom, click the “start application phase” button. This keeps the staffing fresh and ready to roll to all the jobs.


As long as there is an opening at your station, you may move apparatus from another station there. However, once you fill all your stations, equipment can not be moved. Do some planning before you fill things up.

You may also scrap a unit, opening a space at your station. However, you do not get any credits for this. Some players have opted to replace their engines with the LF-16-TS Engines. They will scrap their LF-10-6 engines that come with the station and purchase the others. This is personal preference.


I see many players get on and are screaming for Mutual Aid because they can’t handle all the calls they are getting. Relax; this is part of the game. The idea is to make sure you have something to do with the game. As I said above, be ready to take a call before you click on it and respond. If you ignore a call long enough; especially if you have to sign off with calls pending, they will eventually be cancelled and you do not lose credits.

Again, early on throw everything you have at each call; based on the call type. Sending a Ladder to a call that a ladder doesn’t help will not make the call end quicker. It may also advise assistance is still required. Then you’ll need Mutual Aid. An alternate plan if you have a strong Mutual Aid presence is to send one unit to each call, opening them for Mutual Aid to assist. They will come in and both you and the sending Mutual Aid player will receive full credits. But do this carefully. You don’t want to sit a unit at a call waiting for Mutual Aid and running your credits down (while tying up your truck). Leaving a call and returning should only be done if absolutely necessary. Again, the credits decrease from the time the first unit arrives, the first time.

John Marcel
Concord, NH USA Fire Alarm
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06-24-2011, 01:38 PM
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RE: Beginners Guide
Quote:But after a while, your personnel get tired and eventually will stop responding.
Never really knew that, Nice Guide

Co-Admin for Little River Fire Dept.
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06-24-2011, 07:21 PM
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RE: Beginners Guide
Dawnsboro, you did a great job
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06-25-2011, 07:09 AM
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RE: Beginners Guide
Nice job Dawnboro but I have to make one point that being that an LF 16-TS does have a water tank. Where I believe you have got your wires crossed is that an LF 16-TS also carries a lightweight portable pump in addition to the fixed pump in the truck. The portable pump is used in situations where the truck cannot access the scene of operations so this pump can be carried by four firefighters (this pump is the one without a tank) we have these pumps in the uk also. In theory you can have 3 pumps working at in incident with only two trucks in attendance.

Hope that helps.
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06-25-2011, 10:29 AM
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RE: Beginners Guide after reading this I can see where it can be misinterpreted
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06-25-2011, 11:13 AM
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RE: Beginners Guide
Exactly it's not the easiest bit of reading and can totally understand where you could go wrong
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06-26-2011, 03:19 PM (This post was last modified: 06-26-2011 03:31 PM by ho1774.)
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RE: Beginners Guide
(06-25-2011 07:09 AM)sam1454 Wrote:  Nice job Dawnboro but I have to make one point that being that an LF 16-TS does have a water tank.
A 16-TS does NOT have a water tank, LF 16/8, 16/12, 16/16... do, but are not avail. in the game.

If you compare the following vehicles (just one example) you will find the word "Löschwasserbehälter" in the describtion for 9/40/1, but not for 4/41/1 Wink
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06-26-2011, 05:22 PM (This post was last modified: 06-26-2011 05:45 PM by sam1454.)
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RE: Beginners Guide
ok sorry my mistake its not very clear in the discription on wiki though i reccomend you edit it. I was assuming they were similar to the UK "pumps" and "pump ladders"
thought i'd respond to you pictures ho with some proper fire engines

londons finest
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06-26-2011, 06:37 PM (This post was last modified: 06-26-2011 06:41 PM by ho1774.)
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RE: Beginners Guide
(06-26-2011 05:22 PM)sam1454 Wrote:  I was assuming they were similar to the UK "pumps" and "pump ladders"
lol, no, they are completely different.
it's not allways easy to find a proper english counterpart for the german vehicles, especially because the american and the brittish ones are very different too...
(though there is a similar proplem in the german version for the austrians and the swiss, lol.)
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06-26-2011, 07:34 PM
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RE: Beginners Guide
ahhh what can i say if only you did it properly like us eh lol
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